Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions of Cactus

WriteNow AI Terms of Service

This Agreement, between the user and WriteNow AI (ABN 28 638 613 789), governs the use of and subscription to WriteNow AI and shall be accepted by the user in order for registration to be completed. This Terms Of Service document is applicable to all WriteNow AI products including WriteNow AI (https://app.writenowai.com) and WriteNow AI for Microsoft Outlook (available via Microsoft AppSource).


1. Eligibility and acceptable use

In order to utilise the services of WriteNow AI, it is necessary that users are of legal age in the country or region in which they are a resident. Utilising WriteNow AI for any activities which are illegal or disallowed is strictly forbidden. Any behaviour deemed to be objectionable, damaging or in violation of applicable legislation must not be carried out when using our services.


Use of WriteNow AI for any of the following purposes is strictly prohibited:

  • Illegal activity
  • Child Sexual Abuse Material or any content that exploits or harms children
  • Generation of hateful, harassing, or violent content
  • Generation of malware
  • Activity that has high risk of physical harm
  • Activity that has high risk of economic harm
  • Fraudulent or deceptive activity
  • Adult content, adult industries, and dating apps
  • Political campaigning or lobbying
  • Activity that violates people’s privacy
  • Engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, or offering tailored legal advice without a qualified person reviewing the information
  • Offering tailored financial advice without a qualified person reviewing the information
  • Telling someone that they have or do not have a certain health condition, or providing instructions on how to cure or treat a health condition
  • High risk government decision-making

WriteNow AI utilizes services provided by OpenAI (https//openai.com/), and all requests are subjected to their usage policy (https//platform.openai.com/docs/usage-policies/disallowed-usage). Any violation of the OpenAI Usage Policy (‘Platform Policy’, ‘Disallowed Usage’) by an individual or business utilizing WriteNow AI shall be cause for an immediate cancellation of the transgressor’s subscription and account. WriteNow AI may at any time fail to generate content should the request deemed ‘Disallowed’ or ‘Unsafe’ by OpenAI moderation. All requests can be identified by the user who initiated them.


1.1 Supported Platforms

WriteNow AI is supported on the most recent versions of Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. When accessed from a mobile device, the functionality of WriteNow AI will be restricted. Internet Explorer is not supported.


WriteNow AI for Microsoft Outlook is available via Microsoft AppSource it is supported on



2. Data Collection and Use

By using WriteNow AI’s services, you acknowledge that we may collect and store data in accordance with our Privacy Policy which is available online at https://writenowai.com/privacy. All data collection and use will be done in accordance with this policy.


3. Support

If you wish to receive support relating to any of our services, please visit our Support page at https://writenowai.com/help. Alternatively, you can raise a ticket with us or email us at [email protected].


4. Limitations of content generated by Artificial Intelligence

Write Now AI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to generate content for users.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms are inherently limited in the type, accuracy, and completeness of content they produce and therefore should not be relied upon for any legal or professional decisions. AI cannot generate original content, instead it can only create content based on existing data. Moreover, AI is not capable of comprehending the larger context of the content it produces, and thus may generate content that is inaccurate or inappropriate.

Artificial Intelligence cannot create content that is free of errors and typographical errors, nor can it accurately forecast the future actions of consumers, markets, or events, regardless of if the output of an AI algorithm or request appears to be true.


In addition, the user should be aware that AI-generated content may be misleading or inaccurate and may not reflect the latest facts or market conditions. The user should use AI-generated content with caution and not solely rely upon it.


By using the WriteNow AI generated content services, you acknowledge that there are inherent risks when using such content. WriteNow AI cannot be held responsible for any content mistakes or inaccuracies, even if it reads as if it is a factual source. We also cannot guarantee that any content generated is factual as it may be generated to fit individual user requests. By utilizing any AI generated material, the user expressly acknowledges that WriteNow AI will not be liable for any damages or repercussions caused by the use of said material.


5. Refunds

Refunds are generally not given for any of our services unless it can be demonstrated that WriteNow AI has failed to provide a promised service. Any dissatisfaction with the produced content can not serve as a basis for a refund.


6. Free Trials

WriteNow AI offer seven-day free trials for any of our services. To ensure a fair usage, we only allow one free trial per customer. Any sign of fraudulent activity (such as attempting multiple free trials) will result in the user being blacklisted.


7. Breach of Terms

WriteNow AI reserve the right to terminate any account or suspend services if any of these terms are breached. Wherever possible, we will issue a notice of the breach and the relevant action we will be taking.


8. Updates and changes

WriteNow AI reserve the right to revise our Terms of Service at any point in time, and will make any such updates available at https://writenowai.com. Additionally, we will send out an email notification to all subscribed customers of any changes.