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Adjusting content generation creativity and repetition settings in WriteNow AI for Microsoft Outlook

WriteNow AI for Microsoft Outlook now allows users to customize their the creativeness and repetitiveness of the content generation engine for WriteNow AI. Users can also experiment and observe the effect of creativity and repetition level on the content.

1. Login to your account in WriteNow AI for Microsoft Outlook

2. Under ‘Creativity’ and ‘Repetition’, select the desired level

3. Your settings will be saved

4. Experiment with different levels to find the one that fits you content needs

5. You can restore default settings at any time in case you don’t like the changes

Creativity level

The level of creativity you set for your results will depend on the style and type of content you wish to generate. In general, setting the creativity level higher will result in more randomness, more divergent thinking, and a wider variety of possible outcomes. On the other hand, setting the creativity level lower will prioritize focus and deterministic thinking, meaning the output will be more consistent and less unpredictable. Ultimately, it is best to experiment with different settings to find the creative level that best suits your desired output.

Repetition level

Repetition level describes how much the content engine for WriteNow AI will repeat certain words within a given text. Generally, a lower repetition level means that more words and phrases within your text are likely to be repeated. On the other hand, a higher level leads to fewer words and phrases being repeated, and increases the chances of the AI model talking about new topics.

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