Limitations of Artificially Generated Content

Small business owners, start-ups, content creators, and business mentors are all taking advantage of the new WriteNow AI platform and other content-generation tools to save time and money. With the help of these programs, they can quickly produce high-quality content without having to manually format it. It can feel like having a personal assistant to help manage your content creation!

However, it’s important to note that AI-generated content does have its limitations. For example, it lacks the human touch and creative flare associated with content generated by professional writers. AI generated content does not often contain the same level of detail and research that comes with expert-level content creation. Furthermore, the same templates may be used multiple times by multiple people, which could lead to an artificially “inflated” look-and-feel effect when it comes to unique content creation.

AI generated content may not always be accurate or up-to-date. Since the AI systems are learning, they often make mistakes that may be difficult to spot and correct, they often write “confidently” despite possibly having inaccurate information. While AI can generate content in a short amount of time, it is unable to necessarily match the level of quality or context that a human can provide.

Are there consequences of AI Content on your Website?

Not if you’re using it correctly. If you use AI generated content such as what WriteNow AI produces on your website make sure you review it before you post, add a sentence or two of your own and consider running it through an AI Detection Website.

It’s been reported recently that search engines such as Google will reduce the rankings of content which appears as if it’s been generated by AI (Google Says AI Generated Content Is Against Guidelines – Search Engine Journal). Before posting your content try running your content through an AI detector such as Content Scale. If you get a ‘Clearly AI 🤖’ response, try regenerating your content in WriteNow AI. On a small scale test in approximately 50% of blog posts generated, they were being rated > 60% human-generated content! This is great for your search engine optimisation!

Human Content Score with a Blog Post generated by WriteNow AI.


Overall, AI-generated content is a great way to save time and money but it’s important to keep in mind the limitations. The technology is only as powerful as its user and it’s important to use these tools wisely and with caution. It’s always great to double-check the accuracy of content and any potential mistakes before publishing it, to ensure your content is delivering on content quality and accuracy.